Ever wondered what was going on under the waves of an ocean farm? A plan has been launched to allow 12,000 visitors a year access to an aquarium and ocean farm simulator at a site at the gateway to St Davids.

As recently reported in the Western Telegraph, Câr-Y-Môr has been been granted a five-year license to operate a three hectare ocean farm off Ramsey Sound.

The new farm could produce up to 15 tonnes of seaweed and shellfish annually and follows the success of two local trail sites.

The community benefit society is also planning to set up the St Davids Seafood House in Britain’s smallest city.

It is hoped that this will house a seafood eatery as well as an education centre and that it will attract 12,000 visitors each year.

Câr-Y-Môr is currently running an Aviva Community Fund crowdfunder to help bring sustainable ocean farming to life in its new headquarters.

If it raises its £6,000 goal it will be able to purchase and create an aquarium showcasing the shellfish and seaweed found on the farm.

The funds would also go towards a simulated underwater model of the Ocean Farm and a film explaining how the farm is operated and monitored, the jobs available and the many potential uses of seaweed.

“We are hoping to soon open our new HQ in St Davids which we also plan to become an education hub to teach school children, students, visitors and anyone who has an interest in ocean farming about how the farm works and how they can make choices that support our climate,” said Câr-Y-Môr’s Tracey Gilbert-Falconer.

Câr-Y-Môr’s members are working on how seaweed can replace plastic by being used to make compostable plant pots, clothing buttons, and children's bodyboards.

"Câr-Y-Môr 's education programme shows its commitment to creating long-term impact, by building the bond between the next generation and the sea and helping to instil the desire to protect it from an early age," added Rebecca Price, CYM member.

“Help us to inspire the next generation of ocean farmers and alleviate climate change.”

To contribute to the crowdfunder, visit vivacommunityfund.co.uk/p/bringing-sustainable-ocean-farming-to-life.