Welsh farmers are being urged to donate their old pick-up trucks and other four-wheel drive vehicles to help Ukranians defend their country.

Alex Dunai, a Ukranian historian and interpreter, is reaching out to farmers through west Wales-based freelance broadcaster Mike Joseph.

The pair have worked together over a number of years.

“Alex is a well-known interpreter, who I have successfully worked with on a number of occasions. He is well-connected in peace time, and his connections now extend to practical support for the heroic defence of Ukraine,’’ says Mr Joseph.

Mr Dunai, who lives in Lviv, says vehicles are desperately needed for small, mobile groups of Ukrainian defenders.

Used pick-up trucks or large ‘Jeep-like’ 4x4 vehicles, even those with rusty metalwork and worn interiors but which run well, would be well received by the Ukrainian army.

“If the mechanical parts needs some fixing that is no problem,’’ says Mr Dunai.

He has contacts who can come to Wales to collect them and, as collection would be by vehicle transporter, road worthiness is not an issue, he says.

“We are running out of these vehicles in Eastern and Central Europe and we can't afford to buy brand new ones,’’ says Mr Dunai.

“I know those vehicles are not popular in the UK and the rest of Europe, but there are some. Unfortunately to get them from the USA would take many weeks while we need them now.’’

Mr Joseph believes people living in rural and farming communities with identify with the request.

“We have many rusty four-wheel drive vehicles sitting around that could be repurposed,’’ he says.

Mr Dunai can be contacted at aldunai@gmail.com or through his website alexdunai.com