The Western Telegraph was invited to taste the food at dulse, the newest seafood restaurant, which has opened in Milford Haven.

The restaurant, named after the edible variety of seaweed that grows abundantly around the coast of Pembrokeshire, is part of the new Tŷ Hotel Milford Waterfront.

It has Pembrokeshire-native Simon Crockford as its executive head chef.

The bar and restaurant area on the ground floor can easily live as a sister to the hotel, connected but a completely separate entity.

The bar and restaurant area may not have tourists and visitors as its main customers, but instead the people of Pembrokeshire, and specifically Milford Haven.

When people go to the restaurant, they are taken to two types of tables; either a booth or a standalone table, both of which are overlooking Milford Marina.

The restaurant faces the marina space between the hotel site and Phoenix Bowl, with plenty of water to see (and swans swimming by as we sat there).

Western Telegraph: dulse at Tŷ Hotel Milford Waterfrontdulse at Tŷ Hotel Milford Waterfront

It is hard to sit at the restaurant and not feel the marine and maritime ambience, with nautical ropes hanging along the wall.

Furthermore, the smell of the different seafood from other tables makes it hard not to say: “Ooh, what are they having?”

As well as the nautical theme of the restaurant, the team focuses on the calmness of the seas, with soul and relaxing music playing from the speakers on the high ceiling.

But the food itself is the main attraction for anybody attending dulse - and they cannot go far wrong with Crockford behind them.

From the bread and butter appetiser, to a seafood feast for the whole family, dulse exceeds on every bite from starter to desert.

The bottom line is that the restaurant is one which will welcome both tourists and hotel guests, as well as friends of the local people it employs.

Milford Waterfront has always been strong for seafood and top-quality restaurants, and it now has a further asset to attract people to the area and improve the local economy.

Western Telegraph: Some of the food we enjoyed at dulse - Tŷ Hotel Milford WaterfrontSome of the food we enjoyed at dulse - Tŷ Hotel Milford Waterfront