The Port of Milford Haven’s annual report and financial statements has been released, with many at the port optimistic about the future of the area.

Despite continued impact from Covid-19, the port reported an operating profit in 2021 of £1.3million, compared to the operating loss of £0.7million in 2020.

New infrastructure at Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal, along with focus on Pembroke Port and Milford Waterfront continue to “demonstrate the value of the continued focus on stimulating long term regional prosperity.”

The port is also very happy, looking back at the success of the building of the 100-bedroom Ty Hotel along with The Celtic Collection.

Furthermore, works began on the Swansea Bay City Deal-backed Pembroke Dock Marine project at Pembroke Port, reinforcing Pembrokeshire’s ability to secure long-term economic growth from the energy sector.

Chris Martin, chair at the Port of Milford Haven, said: “We are proud that 2021 is likely to be seen as a pivotal year in delivering on our strategic plans, especially while the business continued to face the impact of Covid-19.

“The leadership of Andy Jones has been instrumental in ensuring we have the right building blocks in place for continued future growth. We move forward under the helm of Tom Sawyer, our incoming chief executive. Tom will continue to strengthen relationships and build long term regional prosperity.”

Andy Jones, chief executive at the port, added: “Our achievements this year are set against a highly unusual global backdrop, and are therefore stronger for it.

“Despite these impacts, by managing our costs and internal efficiencies we have returned to operating profit.

“Moreover, we have taken significant steps forward in our flagship projects and are setting the scene for new growth through the fast-changing energy sector, and a strong local tourism industry.

“Foundation work rarely wins awards, but it’s a critical part of eventual success and the work completed in 2021 puts the Port in a strong position for the future.

“I leave the organisation with a clearer sense of purpose and on the cusp of some very exciting opportunities. I wish Tom and the team well as they move these opportunities forward.”