Milford Haven was again the main focus of a new episode of Rookie Cops, BBC’s documentary looking at new officers in the Dyfed-Powys Police force, which aired last night (Monday, May 2).

Much of the show looked at officers Stu, Sam and Gethin, all based at Milford Haven Police Station.

In the show, Stu enjoyed some down time with his family while having a picnic on The Rath, while Gethin played a round of golf with colleague and former golf coach, Sam.

A spokesperson from Dyfed-Powys Police said: “We never underestimate the support that families and friends give our officers, new and experienced.

“This job asks a lot of people, for the role they play and the support they give – we say THANK YOU.

“There’s no doubt that downtime is hugely valuable, and that’s exactly what Sam and Gethin are making the most of.

“Being able to talk things through with fellow student officers and more experienced officers is a huge part of the learning curve.”

There was also some police action in the show, as Stu helped the Milford Haven community by assisting 87-year-old Ruth get into her home by opening her door with a shovel.

The police spokesperson said: “One thing you don’t learn in training is the ‘popping a door open with a spade’ trick, that’s one you definitely learn with experience!

“Problem solving is a huge part of the role of a police officer, and it’s problem solved for Stu and Potts here.”

Western Telegraph: Stu using the shovel to reunite Ruth with her dog. Picture: BBCStu using the shovel to reunite Ruth with her dog. Picture: BBC

But it wasn’t all action for the Rookie Cops, who learned the importance of paperwork in this latest episode.

The Dyfed-Powys Police spokesperson continued: “There certainly is a lot of paperwork to be done as our rookies and their tutors just mentioned.

“But, the sense of satisfaction at getting justice for someone makes this well worth all that typing.”

Other parts of the episode focused on Phil and Burt patrolling Llanelli on a full moon night, while Caity got more used to her patch of Aberystwyth.

The next episode airs on Monday, May 9, with last night’s episode available to see on BBC iPlayer.

Western Telegraph: Sam and Gethin enjoying a round of golf. Picture: BBCSam and Gethin enjoying a round of golf. Picture: BBC