It’s not every day that Angle Lifeboat Station welcomes onboard a 1926 Sunbeam motorcycle, but earlier this week the very same model appeared in person, thanks to vintage bike owner Harry Bott.

Harry is attempting to visit each of the UK’s 238 lifeboat stations which are scattered around the coastlines of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England in an attempt to raise £5,000 for the rescue charity.

In clocking up the miles for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) on his classic motorcycle, he has the full support of his uncle Hugh Bonneville, star of Downton Abbey, Paddington and Notting Hill.

“Everyone’s really excited to see us, as it’s not everyday people get the chance to see such an old bike being ridden over such a long distance,” said Harry, whilst meeting coxswain Lewis Creese at the Angle Station.

The bike, a 1926 Sunbeam Model 1, was originally owned by Harry’s great grandfather and was recently restored by Harry and his father.

But despite the fact that it remains in superb condition, its speed potential is somewhat limited.

“The top speed I can get out of the 96-year-old is 45 mph although I’m averaging around 20 mph. So it’s going to take us a fair amount of time to complete our circuit,” laughs Harry, 23.

“I’m aiming to complete the run in around four and a half months but it’s a great way of exploring the countryside and helping a very deserving cause.”

Western Telegraph:

“I’m really grateful for my uncle’s support but also to everyone who has donated to my fundraising effort so far,” said Harry.

Since setting off from Teddington RNLI four weeks ago he’s encountered blow-out tyres, punctures, ignition issues and a seized piston but his skills ensure the bike stays firmly on the road, helped significantly by the fact that he’s recently graduated with an engineering degree from Oxford Brookes University.

Harry is planning to photograph the motorcycle at every lifeboat station along the way, and people can follow his progress through his regular Instagram posts @harry_bott_

His enthusiasm has already earned him considerable support and his JustGiving page currently shows £3,144 in donations.

If anyone would like to support Harry and his efforts for the RNLI further they can visit his JustGiving page: