Sea Trust’s surveys of Pembrokeshire’s marine megafauna will expand beyond north Pembrokeshire with the launch of the charity’s new project; FINtastic Fauna.

FINtastic Fauna aims to bring together nature, conservation, volunteering and communities.

“This new project will allow us to expand our marine wildlife surveys to other locations including The Havens and to also to recruit and train new survey volunteers,” said project officer Holly Dunn.

“The information collected will be an important source of data which will aid towards conserving Pembrokeshire’s marine megafauna.”

The project will provide opportunities for more people to get involved with the conservation of their local wildlife, including local schools and community groups. It has also meant that Sea Trust can recruit an education and outreach officer to help deliver the project.

“We’re so excited to start this new project and the funding has meant that we can also recruit an additional member of staff to work on the project which is fantastic,” added project manager Anna Elliott.

“As soon as the Education and Outreach Officer is in position, we can reach out and work with schools to raise awareness of our amazing marine wildlife and inspire people to protect it”.

Sea Trust’s new FINtastic Fauna project has been funded by Enhancing Pembrokeshire, Postcode Community Trust, the WCVA Landfill Disposal Tax Communities scheme and the Idris and Margaret Jones Trust.

If you are interested in volunteering on this project then please get in touch with Holly on or call 01348 588688.

If your school is interested in working with Sea Trust on this project, then contact Anna on

Sea Trust is a conservation charity based at the Ocean Lab in Goodwick. Sea Trust monitors cetacean, and other wildlife, activity in and around north Pembrokeshire and before Covid held regular observation trips in the Irish Sea onboard the Stena Europe.

The charity also owns the Ocean Lab in Goodwick where it runs the Sea Mor catch and release aquarium, Sea Trust shop and visitor information centre.

For more information on the charity’s work, see, or the charity’s Facebook page.