A Pembrokeshire man has been jailed for five years after admitting robbing a woman at knifepoint outside a local supermarket.

Kieran Steven Brumby, 36, admitted holding a knife to the woman’s throat and demanding the £160 she was withdrawing from the ATM outside Asda in Pembroke Dock.

He also pleaded guilty to charges of possessing a knife in a public place and possessing 0.9 grammes of cocaine.

All three offences took place on April 15 this year.

The court saw shocking CCTV footage of Brumby coming up behind his victim, as she waited at the cash machine, and holding a large kitchen knife against her throat.

Police were able to track down Brumby, of Water Street, Pembroke Dock that evening. In interview he denied that he was the person in the CCTV.

However, at Swansea Crown Court yesterday, Monday, May 16, he admitted all three offences.

The court heard how, on the evening of April 15, his victim had stopped at the ATM on her way to meet friends in Haverfordwest.

Brumby held the knife to her throat and said ‘give me the money’. She could feel the knife touching her windpipe.

In a victim impact statement read out to the court the woman said that she was suffering from sleepless nights and palpitations as well as nightmares about being attacked.

“I feel depressed and anxious and constantly feel like somebody is behind me,” she said. “I am checking over my shoulder every five minutes. If I leave the house feelings of panic rise.”

The court heard that Brumby had a previous conviction for possessing a shotgun without a certificate in 2009 and four convictions for breaching a community order in relation to that.


Jon Tarrant, defending, said his client’s long-term partner had walked out on him last year and that he had lost his employment and his home, all which had had an impact on his mental health, before moving to Pembrokeshire.

“He can provide no explanation for his actions on this day,” said Mr Tarrant.

“He offers his profound apologies not only to the court but to his victim. He has profound regret and deep remorse for what he has done.”

Judge His Honour Geraint Walters said: “The victim impact statement shows the profound effect that your offending has had on your victim. A woman alone out in a, relatively speaking, remote location given the time of day.

“The effect of your offending in this particular case seems capable of being described as significant if not serious.

“I am not in doubt that this was to do with your cocaine habit.”

Judge Walters handed down a five-year sentence for the robbery, with a 12-month sentence for possession of the knife and a one month sentence for cocaine possession to run concurrently.