ISOLATION and mental health issues led to a man taking his own life, an inquest has heard.

Police had to climb through a window at Jamie Jones' property and found him dead in his bed.

Mr Jones, of Main Street, Pembroke, died after taking a concoction of pills.

At the 29-year old's inquest held at Pembrokeshire County Hall on May 26, acting senior coroner for Pembrokeshire Paul Bennett said it was clear to him that Mr Jones had intended to take his own life.

In the pathology report blood and urine samples showed Mr Jones had a concoction of pills in his system. 

Mr Jones’ family said he kept himself to himself and that they were left in the dark about his mental health issues.

Police were called to Mr Jones' property when he did not show up for work. They climbed the back gate and had to remove a window in order to get inside.

They found the deceased in his bedroom and a bowl containing a mixture of tablets on the kitchen worktop.

A suicide note was found which the family confirmed was written in Jamie’s handwriting.  

Born in Merthyr Tydfil, Mr Jones attended school in the town before attending Merthyr Tydfil college, where he studied plumbing.

Mr Jones was a keen gym goer and worked mainly in the building trade.


The cause of death was recorded as poisoning and toxicity.

Speaking at the inquest, Mr Bennett said it seemed Mr Jones was unable to confide in others about mental state.

“It is a difficult position for any individual to find himself in when they suffer from a mental crisis,” said Mr Bennett.

“One can only think how difficult it was for Jamie and how desperate he must have been to take steps to end his life.”