HMS Pembroke visited Pembrokeshire late last week, as people got the chance to board the vessel and take a tour around the upper deck.

The people of Pembrokeshire thoroughly enjoyed seeing the ship’s machines, weapons and systems.

Furthermore, attendees were able to talk to some of the ship’s company, who represent the Royal Navy in several sports, speak many different languages and play various musical instruments aboard.

She arrived into Pembroke Port on Friday, May 27 and left on Monday, May 30.

A mine-finding vessel, one of HMS Pembroke’s greatest missions was several years ago when she found a 100-year-old Russian mine from the First World War in the Baltic Sea.

Western Telegraph: HMS Pembroke leaves on Monday, May 30HMS Pembroke leaves on Monday, May 30

Since her 1997 launch, HMS Pembroke has completed more than 2,500 nautical miles, weighing at 485 tonnes, with a length of 52.5m.


A spokesperson from the Royal Navy said: “HMS Pembroke is part of the Royal Navy’s ongoing mission to keep the global sea lines of communication open for trade, thereby securing the UK’s access to fuel, energy and consumer goods such as cars and clothing.”

“The crew of HMS Pembroke is made up of highly trained Mine Warfare Specialists and Mine Clearance Divers, as well as engineers, officers and chefs.”

Western Telegraph: HMS Pembroke leaving the waterway on Monday, May 30HMS Pembroke leaving the waterway on Monday, May 30