A WOMAN took her own life at home while her son was in the property with her, a coroner’s inquest heard.

Ms Kathryn Hopewell died by hanging in her home in Broad Haven on June 17, 2021. She was 54-years-old.

At an inquest held at Pembrokeshire County Hall on May 26 it was revealed that Ms Hopewell suffered with depression, which she was receiving medication for.

Born in Bristol, Ms Hopewell moved to Broad Haven in 2001. She worked in retail but was unemployed at the time of her death.

On June 16, 2021, Ms Hopewell, who was known to be dependant on alcohol, went into Broad Haven and bought a few bottles of wine.

When she went back home on Croft Lane, where she lived with her son, he challenged her on her drinking and it was said Ms Hopewell became aggressive.

While her son was still in the property Ms Hopewell went into the bedroom and took her own life.

Paramedics were called and attempted CPR but Ms Hopewell never recovered.


Ms Hopewell’s death was recorded as hanging with a note she had consumed alcohol prior to death. There was also paracetamol and diazepam in her system.

Acting senior coroner for Pembrokeshire, Mr Paul Bennett,  said this was a case where an individual had taken their own life with the mitigating circumstances of alcohol in the background.

“Ms Hopewell intended to take her own life and took the necessary steps to do so,” said Mr Bennett.

“There must have been the subject of a degree of preparation on her part particularly knowing her son was in the property at the time.”

Mr Bennett did note a history of counselling with DDAS (Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service), but said matters had been beyond the capabilities of the service to prevent the victim taking the steps she did.

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