The latest winner of the Pride in Pembrokeshire Award has been announced, marking a very special 21st birthday for Lambston Parish Residents Association.

The award is a Public Service Board initiative that recognises and celebrates the efforts of community groups, whose work improves the well-being of people and communities in Pembrokeshire.

Covering approximately 100 households across Lambston, Portfield Gate and Sutton, the small community organisation arranges a variety of social events and practical projects.

The aim is to encourage people to get to know their neighbours and improve their local environment.

The Association has identified, maintained and registered a village green in Sutton, which gives a focal point to the group’s events which range from BBQs, shared meals, village walks and bonfires to name just a few.

There are ten committee members, aged between 19 and into people’s 70s.

Western Telegraph: Lambston Parish Residents AssociationLambston Parish Residents Association

Charles Mathieson, one of the members, said: “Over 21 years, the events regularly introduce people who have lived in the area for years but have never met.

"To a small extent they replace the village pubs, shops and churches which have closed; only the Baptist chapel remains active.

“We provided a volunteer support service offer to the people of the parish through lockdown. Setting that up brought new people into the organisation.

“Our biggest event, in 2018, – a parish history event in the chapel hall brought about 250 people together.”

This spring, the group is opening a 40-minute walk from Sutton onto the common, with help from Pembrokeshire College, the national park, Pembrokeshire Mind and Pembrokeshire County Council.

The association, which is financially supported by Camrose Community Council, is also restoring the old well at Portfield Gate.


Public Services Board chairman Tegryn Jones congratulated the association on their success, saying: “Panel members felt that the group brings together the community to highlight the importance of social connections, community history and the local environment.

“The panel were particularly impressed with the sustained enthusiasm of the group after so many years, with a strong future focus to the work, making a substantial contribution to improving the well-being of individuals, and indeed towards the well-being of the county as a whole.”

To apply for a Pride in Pembrokeshire Award, visit