CARDIGAN's Tesco fuel station has confirmed it has closed off a storage tank at their petrol station following complaints by motorists.

Since the station opened following an eight-week period of refurbishment some drivers have reported experiencing problems with their fuel.

One reader said: “My son purchased fuel early morning on the first day of re-opening.

“He experienced problems from the start and due to the long Bank Holiday his car has been in garage since.”

Another motorist reported that the AA had blamed the ‘sluggish’ performance of her engine on water contamination.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We have temporarily closed off a fuel storage tank at our Cardigan superstore petrol station for investigation after a small number of customer complaints.”

Back in early April the supermarket giants confirmed the pumps had been shut down in order to allow ‘essential works’ to be carried out over the next couple of months.

“The petrol station at our Cardigan superstore will be closed for the next two months to allow planned works to be carried out to the fuel storage tanks,” a spokesman said.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused while this essential work takes place.”