A MAN tragically took his own life a year after his brother had died by suicide, an inquest heard.

It was initially undecided whether Scott Kelly's death was suicide or he died of a drugs-related death, but after testimony from Mr Kelly’s mother, given at inquest today, June 9, at Pembrokeshire County Hall, it was recorded that Kelly, 35, took his own life.

Mr Kelly died a year after his elder brother, who was 36 at the time of his death, killed himself.

It was described how the death of his brother ‘pushed Mr Kelly over the edge’.

Acting senior coroner for Pembrokeshire Mr Paul Bennett had to decide whether Mr Kelly, who was found at his flat in Catalina Avenue, Pembroke Dock, took his own life or died of a drugs-related death.

The drugs found in his system, including benzodiazepines and pregabalin were not of a significant level that one single substance could be attributed to the cause of Mr Kelly’s death.

Mr Bennett raised the question of whether Mr Kelly had taken the drugs as a cry for help or simply lost track of how many drugs he had in his system.

Testimony given by Mr Kelly’s mother helped identify the victim’s intentions when she described that depression was the main contributing factor with Scott.

During the inquest she said: “He always said to me do not worry about me mum I am ok, but deep down I knew he was not."

Mr Kelly’s mother confirmed there was a history of drug and alcohol use.

On the relationship with his brother, Mr Kelly’s mother said that after his death Mr Kelly constantly told her he wanted to be with him.

“I think that (the death of his brother) pushed Scott over the edge.  

“He could not keep up with life at all. He was tired of the life he was living. I honestly think that Scott did commit suicide.”

Born in Milford Haven, Scott Kelly had two brothers and two sisters.

He left school at 16 and worked for the mental health charity MIND.

Mr Kelly moved to Pembroke Dock and would regularly speak to his neighbour.

One day the neighbour noticed Mr Kelly had left his window open while she was out walking her dog.

She noticed it a day later and called the police. When officers arrived they found Mr Kelly dead in his flat.

He died on October 14 2021.


Mr Bennett recorded the cause of death as cardiorespiratory depression and the sedating effects of a combination of drugs.

For mental health support go to charity MIND by clicking here, or The Samaritans by clicking here.

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