Campaigners in a Pembrokeshire village are one step closer to having high speed broadband in their homes, businesses and school.

Plans to bring fibre broadband to Letterston and the surrounding areas as part of a rollout to more than 10,500 homes across north Pembrokeshire have been detailed by Carmarthen-based rural broadband specialist, Voneus Broadband.

At a recent drop-in session, residents had the chance to ask questions about the project, look at equipment which will be used in the home upon installation, and meet the local team.

Voneus is working towards installing the new FTTP network later this year.

The connection will provide matching upload and download speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

Letterston's residents started a campaign in 2019 to improve broadband in the village.

Letterston community councillor Andy Adams said: “So many residents in Letterston are over the moon about how much of a massive difference to the village’s broadband this rollout will make.

“Other providers had told us it would take until 2026 for a rollout to even begin, but with many residents of the village working from home and struggling to complete basic tasks like receiving emails due to the poor speeds, we could not wait any longer.

“This installation will be a huge boost for the residents and local economy, and just goes to show what rural communities can achieve when they set their minds to it.

“The community council and residents are thankful to Voneus for sticking with us to deliver this vital service.”

The rollout is projected to help boost speeds across the region, with just 11.6 per cent of households in Pembrokeshire having access to ultra-fast broadband speeds of more than 100Mbps according to the most recent Ofcom data.

Andrew Phillips, team leader for Voneus’ Welsh community engagement team, said: “We are committed to ensuring no one is penalised just because of where they live when it comes to broadband, and engaging communities like Letterston is an integral part to ensuring we all are working to bring about a better-connected tomorrow.”

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Voneus on 0333 880 4141, emailing, or visiting