Here’s the scene. You’re sat in the sun enjoying a glass of Barti Spiced Rum, no worries, no work, the smell of cooking is wafting all around. As you begin to tuck in, you think to yourself, I wish I had a sauce to give this some oomph.

Well, the guys at Barti Rum have only gone and teamed up with the Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm to create just that!

Introducing Barti Rum Barbecue Sauce. It’s a barbecue sauce that has it all, it’s smoky, it’s sweet, it’s got a teeny bit of heat and best of all, it’s full of Barti Rum! Boost your burgers, dynamise your dip selection and make your marinade a mood with this dazzling summer sauce suitable for vegans and gluten free.

Western Telegraph:

Fran Barnikel, managing director at Barti Rum said: “A lot of the big spirit brands have brought out sauces so we thought we’d give it a try on a local level, we thought we might do a small batch and sell a few bottles online.

"It became apparent pretty quickly that our ‘one-off’ may turn out to be a keeper for the summer as demand has soared. It’s really special, something quite different to your standard barbecue sauces.”

Western Telegraph:

Fran continues: “Owen and Michelle at the Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm helped develop this incredible recipe which really shows off our spiced rum’s distinctive flavours. The eye-catching label was designed in Wales too by Cardiff illustrator Matt Joyce, and all of the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.”

The Pembrokeshire brand Barti Rum was established in 2018 by Jonathan Williams, who is also behind coastal street food success Café Mor and his latest venture The Old Point House bar and restaurant in Angle.

Western Telegraph:

Barti Spiced Rum is blended with natural, traditional spiced rum flavours such as vanilla, cinnamon, clove and orange but it’s distinct point of difference is the inclusion of seaweed.

Laver seaweed is wild picked from the Pembrokeshire coast and added in order to enhance the sweeter notes and create a soft finish. The flavours in the drink are punchy enough to stand up in a mixer, but smooth enough to sip alone or simply over ice. If mixers are your thing, try it with cola, ginger beer of Pembrokeshire cloudy apply juice. It also tastes great in hot chocolate on those chillier nights!

The people behind Barti are focused on championing good mental wellbeing, creativity, following a personal passion and looking after the planet. The company slogan “content not content” refers to concentrating on finding peace, calm and contentment in everyday life rather than chasing content for your social media and trying to keep up with what everyone else appears to be doing.

Western Telegraph:

The inspiration for the brands name came from historical Pembrokeshire pirate Barti Ddu who famously “made good of the hand he was dealt”. Unlike other lowly Naval crew members during the 1700s, who willingly succumbed to piracy for a better life, the once quiet Barti Ddu (formally known as John Roberts), was extremely reluctant before finding himself out to be an exceptional navigator and trusted leader, qualities which led to him having the most successful pirate career of the time.

Barti Ddu’s most notable triumph was the creation of the pirate code which ensured all crew had equal vote.

You can buy Barti Rum Barbecue Sauce and gift packs containing the sauce, perfect for Father’s Day, as well as the rum itself online at Barti Spiced Rum is also available from all good hospitality venues and independent stockists in Pembrokeshire. You must be over 18 to purchase alcohol products, always drink responsibly.

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