Wales is set to have a “very high” pollen count from tomorrow throughout the rest of the working week, the Met Office has confirmed.

The pollen count is given to Wales as a whole, rather than by counties or smaller territories, with the country’s pollen count being at a rating of “high” today (Monday, June 13).

However, Wales’ pollen count will rise to a very high level tomorrow (Tuesday, June 14) and will remain at the highest level until at least Friday, June 17.

This is similar to most of England, as all regions will stay at very high for most of this week too, apart from North East England.

Meanwhile, Scotland will remain at a low or medium level throughout the week, while Northern Ireland will range from medium to high.

Western Telegraph: The Met Office pollen map for Tuesday, June 14The Met Office pollen map for Tuesday, June 14


Yolanda Clewlow, the Met Office relationship manager for health and air quality, said: "The potency of these pollen grains could be more intense this year, and that comes down to the weather we've had in spring.

"A warm and wet May, coupled with a relatively warm spring, mean there's a chance that the pollen that has developed is particularly potent."