THE Cardigan motorist who claims his fuel tank was contaminated after he filled up at Tesco has learnt the supermarket giants have agreed to pay his garage repair bill.

Angry Craig Thompson had vowed not to be ‘fobbed off’ by Tesco when his Lexus experienced engine problems after the Cardigan garage opened following eight weeks of refurbishment.

A bemused Mr Thompson told the Tivy-Side that an inspection by the AA revealed the content of his tank was 30 per cent water.

Tesco initially told him they would not be able to reimburse his costs without sufficient proof he had bought the petrol at their garage.

The motorist had not kept his fuel receipts – but pointed out that his Lexus would have been captured at the pumps on CCTV.

“I said to this guy: ‘You’re part of a company that probably boasts £8bn yearly profits and yet you’re set to quibble over a garage bill of a couple of hundred quid?" Mr Thompson subsequently related.

“That’s just a 1p piece down the back of the sofa to Tesco.”

But Mr Thompson was all smiles today as he disclosed Tesco had agreed to pay a £620 garage bill for getting his fuel tank removed and cleaned.


“I only got the car back on Tuesday – what with the extended Bank Holiday and everything it has been off the road for almost a fortnight,” he said.

“I am obviously pleased and relieved that Tesco have acknowledged that there was a problem – £620 is a lot of money for a bloke such as myself.

“But I also can’t help thinking whether any other motorist has been put in a similar position.”

Tesco – whose garage forecourt remains closed - confirmed they had shut  off a fuel storage tank following complaints by motorists in order to undertake an investigation.

They have been asked to comment this morning.