A man accused of strangulating a woman at a property in Pembroke Dock has been remanded in custody by Haverfordwest magistrates.

Dan Ford denies strangulating his victim following an alleged altercation on Father’s Day. He has also denied a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.

“We’re talking about a high-end assault involving strangulation,” said Crown Prosecutor, Mr Ben Williams.

“The attack was prolonged in its nature against a vulnerable victim and a high level of violence was used.”


The offences are alleged to have taken place on Father’s Day, June 19, after Ford, an air conditioning engineer who lives based in Llandaff North, had visited Oakwood with his partner.

On returning to their holiday accommodation in Pembroke Dock, the Crown claims a domestic altercation ensued.

“The most poignant fact here is that prior to the attendance of the police, there were threats made,” continued Mr Williams.

“These included, ‘I’m going to cut your throat and gauge your f****** eyes out. I’m going to f****** kill you’,” quoted Mr Williams.

But Ford’s solicitor, Mr Michael Kelleher, said that none of the victim’s injuries suggested extreme violence.

“She had bruising to her biceps, chest, left shin and left side of her mouth," he said.

"And none of these injuries indicate strangulation. We’re talking about bruising, and given that they’d spent the day in Oakwood where they’d been thrown around, and had had sex the night before, all the bruises can be explained and will be explained.”

But the Crown disagreed.

“I suggest that the evidence clearly shows that the defendant was pre-disposed and set out his intentions to put pressure on the injured party in this case,” said Mr Williams.

“We request that he be remanded in custody as there are substantial grounds to believe he would commit another offence or interfere with witnesses.”

After a short adjournment, magistrates remanded Ford in custody until his next appearance at Swansea Crown Court on July 19.