A Pembrokeshire broadcaster who fasted in protest at inequality during the four-day Platinum Jubilee celebrations has handed over funds to a local food pod.

Broadcaster, actress and singer Gwenno Dafydd, fasted while the official celebrations to mark the 70th year of the Queen’s reign were staged earlier this month.

She donated the money that she saved on food to the Pembrokeshire Community Food Pod.

Gwenno grew up in Pembrokeshire and her mother and brother still live in the county. She said she felt that the cost of the lavish celebrations was not justifiable in light of the extreme hardship many are currently facing with and the cost of living crisis.

“I felt really strongly that the Royal family and the government has been incredibly insensitive and totally out of touch with ordinary people,” she said.

“Their decision to continue with their lavish and expensive jubilee celebrations while so many ordinary people are worried sick about where their next meal is coming from and how they are going to afford to pay their gas and electricity bills was really immoral.”

She added that the fact that ordinary people had to pick up the cost of the celebrations had been a particular motivation in her taking a stand.


“The Queen is an extremely rich woman and if she wants to celebrate – then she can put her hand in her own pocket, instead of expecting ordinary people, who often have great difficulty in making ends meet, pay,” she said. “I spoke recently to someone who works full time for the NHS who has to use food banks to survive. This just isn’t right in this day and age.”

Gwenno handed over the £50 she had saved to the food pod’s Lesley Matthews.

“At the Pembrokeshire Community Pod we help people from all over north Pembrokeshire including Solva to the south and Fishguard in the north and lots of people in between,” said Lesley.

“We help people who are disabled, single parents, retired people who find that their pension is not enough to survive on and those who are facing short-term unemployment.”

You can find out more about Gwenno’s fast, and set up one of you own, by searching for the hashtags #JubileeFastForFoodBanks #NeedNotGreed on Twitter.