A jury at Swansea Crown Court was this afternoon read extracts from a selection of "highly racist and anti-Semitic" podcasts during the trial of Gelli resident James Allchurch.

The Crown alleges that the podcasts were made by Allchurch, 50, for his podcast station Radio Aryan as a means of "stirring up racial hatred amongst its listeners."

The jury was read some lengthy extracts from the audio files which had been uploaded by police between May 17, 2019 and March 18, 2021.

The extracts contained what the Crown described as highly racist allusions of black people and Jews; they included means by which Allchurch believed they should be ‘cleansed’ from society.

This, stressed Crown Prosecutor Ian Wright, amounted to ‘white supremacism’.

 "As the name suggests, the content was racist and white supremacist in its nature," he said.

"This defendant was the proprietor and the person responsible for the content on those webpages."

His co-host on the podcasts was Alex Davies, a white nationalist and one of the founding members of National Action, which is a racist neo-Nazi group that has carried out a number of provocative street demonstrations in the UK.

“These recordings are insulting and abusive and were distributed with intent to stir up racial hated,” continued Mr Wright.

“It’s the case for the prosecution that this defendant was responsible for the creation of these audio files, which were highly racist and highly antisemitic in nature.”

Reading extracts from the podcasts, Ian Wright said the defendant described black people as "a different species".

"They're a different sub species to us, so we should naturally find them ugly and repulsive," he said.

Another extract was quoted: "It's heartless when you think of all the millions of white people who died, thinking they were saving their country from invasion.

"But look at it now. London is 60 per cent non-white. The capital city is filled  with savages.....But if you left them to their own devices and let nature take care of them, ebola and monkeypox would definitely cull large swathes of their population."

Allchurch was first arrested by police on December 17, 2019 and a search was subsequently carried out at his property when notebooks and podcasts were recovered containing material which had been broadcast on Radio Aryan.

This was the podcast station which Allchurch later renamed Radio Albion.  

During his initial police interviews Allchurch asked to be referred to by his podcast name of Sven Longshanks.

The name is said to be a reference to King Edward I, also known as Edward Longshanks, who was responsible for expelling Jews from England in 1290.

“He claimed he’d adopted the name to protect his identity,” said Ian Wright.

During interview Allchurch admitted establishing Radio Aryan ‘for positive minded individuals’ and continued producing it from his home in Pembrokeshire.

Allchurch, of Gelli, Pembrokeshire, denies 15 charges of distributing a sound recording that would stir up racial hatred.

Allchurch, who is on bail, appeared in the dock wearing a dark green shirt, tie and dark blue suit with his black hair tied into a tight ponytail, with thin rimmed glasses and a walking stick.

He spoke only to confirm his name before the charges were read out to a jury of seven men and five women.

“It’s the case for the prosecution that this defendant was responsible for the creation of these audio files, which were highly racist and highly antisemitic in nature," said Prosecutor Ian Wright.

“While the name changed from Radio Aryan to Radio Albion, we submit the virulently racist content of the website remained unchanged.”

The trial will continue tomorrow when the jury will be played each of the podcasts in their entirety.