AN art exhibition in Tenby will host a number of Pembrokeshire artists’ work for the weekend.

Phoenix Art Exhibition will take place from Friday, July 8 to Monday, July 11 at St Mary’s Church Hall.

There will be 14 artists exhibiting, all of whom come from Pembrokeshire. One of the artists is Sarah Jane Brown.

Ms Brown takes inspiration from the coastal landscape around Pembrokeshire, including the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.


"The thing about a landscape like Pembrokeshire is that it's ancient and so full of history, but also very open and spacious," she said.

"It gives us headspace for all the stuff that's going on within; room if you like, to stop and think, to feel, and to experience."

Also exhibiting is Helen Barrack, Liz Tobin, Fiona Jenkins, Muriel Davies, Edward Bowie, Helen Houghton Graham Hadlow, Jill Jones, Kitty Parsons, Suzanne Nicholl and Jan Hope.

Pembrokeshire Phoenix Art Exhibition takes place at St Mary’s Church Hall, High Street, Tenby between 11am-4pm from Friday, July 8 to Monday, July 11.