SHEENA Halpin-Williams has been supporting the most vulnerable people within home care for more than a decade.

Her achievements since starting a career in health and social care back in 2009 are “vast”, while the kindness she shows “cannot be justified in words”.

Those are the feelings of the individual who nominated the co-founder of Quayside Care for one of the 15 prizes on offer at the Werndale Hospital-sponsored West Wales Health & Care Awards.

Sheena, who began the landshipping-based domiciliary support service alongside wife Liz, is in contention for the Kindness/Care Hero Award.

“The achievements Sheena has made over the past decade to her local community are vast,” wrote the person who put her forward for the honour.

“She has dedicated her working life to supporting service users to remain in their own homes whilst being treated with dignity and respect.

“All the care and kindness Sheena has shown has also been delivered with wit, humour and pure kindness and devotion.

“Sheena has worked for more than a decade supporting the most vulnerable people within domiciliary care.

“The kindness she has shown cannot be justified in words.”

They added: “She has worked out of hours, whilst on annual leave and always answers the call of the most vulnerable.

“Sheena goes above and beyond for all the service users within her care but also for those people who are confused and need advice when they don't know where to turn.

“Sheena drops everything to support these individuals.

“She is unchanged in her attitude and her dedication to the most vulnerable is second to none.”

Before starting her career in health and social care, Sheena worked in childcare as a learning support assistant.

Supporting family members’ end-of-life needs meant health and social care became much more than a job to Sheena, and it was something that led the fluent Welsh speaker to establish Quayside Care.

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