Dear editor,

I read with interest your article regarding the location of the new hospital to replace Withybush.

I just wondered whether these wonderful board members, who arrogantly and endlessly ignore the voice of the people of Pembrokeshire, would cease forcing a new hospital upon us when we have continuously informed them via petitions and demonstrations that we do not want it.

I loved the patronising words “ Longer travel but means a stronger service” since it just means people will die getting there but that means nothing to hard-nosed individuals hell bent on getting what they want rather than listening to the people.

I do not understand why we are given five locations when Whitland is the site of the new hospital and they already have outline plans prepared.

We have heavy industry in our area and a vast number of visitors in summer months and when one considers that the covid pandemic brought services to their knees, God only knows what would happen to us should a serious accident occur.

One must ask oneself what advantages there are for replacing Withybush Hospital?

And the answer is none other than in the minds of Lee Davies and the board who obviously intend to plough ahead with 'partnerships' and 'workshops' in order to somehow convince us that a new hospital is necessary.

Yours faithfully,

John Prior