A set of Pembrokeshire triplets are set to celebrate their 60th birthday next week.

Elizabeth, Caroline and Patricia from the Collins family of Milford Haven, were born in Pembrokeshire on August 1, 1962, to Michael and Brenda Collins, who turn 86 and 87 this August, as well as celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary.

August will also see the birthdays of two of Michael and Brenda’s grandchildren – quite the month for the Collins family.

As children, the triplets attended Hakin Community Primary School before going to the Upper and Lower Central School.

“People have always been confused between the three of us, from children to nowadays,” Elizabeth said. “And as we get older, people are getting more confused, thinking ‘who am I talking to?’ because we’ve gotten that much more alike.

Western Telegraph: The triplets together in the 1960sThe triplets together in the 1960s

“Patricia has gone from black hair to naturally grey, and Caroline and I have gone from blonde to naturally grey, so people get confused now more than ever.

“It doesn’t help that we all have sound the same, so it’s even harder on the phone."


The family members have stayed close to their roots, as Patricia and Caroline have lived in Milford Haven all their lives.

Elizabeth has lived in Milford Haven for the majority of her life, as she does now.

“I moved away after getting married to a man in the RAF, but moved back to Pembrokeshire after getting divorced,” she said.

As they approach 60, both Elizabeth and Caroline have five grandchildren, while Patricia has the most with nine, who she helps look after with Caroline since her retirement.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth works as a support worker in the town.

The three sisters plan to celebrate their 60th birthdays on the Friday of the week, August 5.

“We’re having a big celebration with the family in the British Legion in Milford Haven. We had our 50th there as well.

“It’ll be brilliant because our mum doesn’t get the chance to go out much nowadays, and we’re all looking forward to her spending some time with the family.”

Western Telegraph: Caroline, Elizabeth and Patricia at homeCaroline, Elizabeth and Patricia at home