The Save Withybush Hospital Campaign received a major setback this week after being branded 'a no-hope case' by Neyland town councillors.

“People are fighting to retain something that they’ve yet to realise they no longer have,” commented Cllr Mike Harry at this week’s meeting.

“It’s time that people started reading between the lines and realised just how appalling the service here in Pembrokeshire is. 

"And there will be no signs of improvement until a new hospital gets built.”

Cllr Harry fears that unless the people of Pembrokeshire begin making sufficient pleas to secure a new hospital, the county could be left high and dry.

“Cardiff is crying out for a new hospital so we need to make as much noise as possible so that the people of Pembrokeshire are heard," he said.

"We wanted this hospital five years ago. Let’s make sure we don’t lose it.”

Withybush’s A&E department is currently being overseen by three consultants. People in need of major trauma treatment have to travel to Glangwili as do patients in need of cardiac care.

“So basically it’s getting close to operating as a minor injuries unit,” added Cllr Steve Thomas.

“Over time, they'll start saying they’re unable to accept certain patient so the options available to the ambulance staff get lower and lower.”

And Cllr Peter Hay agreed.

“There’s no way that A&E Withybush can survive," he said. "People are asking to save it but I don’t believe that’s a practical option.

"We need to keep as many services open as possible, but if we can't attract a doctor to Neyland surgery, what hope have we got of filling Withybush with more doctors and nurses?  The idea is Mickey Mouse."

Neyland town Council’s argument has been endorsed by Hywel Dda chief executive Steve Moore who believes a new hospital is vital.


"This is the only way we can sustainably maintain the services in west Wales," he said.

"We're being clear with Welsh government - there isn't another option.

"We understand people's concerns but things are very fragile and we are stretched too thinly across too many staff.

"Building a new hospital as well as having a community model that's there in your community, will be the best way to ensure the safest care for people going forward."

Neyland town council's discussion arose following a request from the Save Withybush Campaign’s Model Motion drive, which seeks support from town and community councils as well as trade union branches across Pembrokeshire.

Following their discussion, members agreed to keep the request ‘on the table’ for future discussion.