Neyland’s multi-use games area is fast becoming the land that no one wants, after Pembrokeshire County Council imposed significant liabilities on the town council if it continues to be used throughout the summer holidays.

As a result of security issues, the county council has confirmed that Neyland Town Council must be held responsible for its all maintenance, cleaning and repairs during school holidays.

But this week councillors agreed that they are currently unable to carry out these requirements.

“The MUGA is in a bad way,” said Cllr Peter Hay. “Certain items are broken and there are jagged pieces of metal in some places.

"Yet the children insist on going in and out all the time. They climb over the fence which means the MUGA is in constant use.

"But if someone gets hurt, then Pembrokeshire County Council has the responsibility.”

Meanwhile Cllr Steve Thomas said that the onus lies on Pembrokeshire County Council to upgrade the MUGA to an acceptable standard before the town council is held responsible for maintaining it during the holidays.

During term time the MUGA, which is situated in Neyland Community School, is currently used by school pupils between 8am and 4.30pm on Monday to Friday, when it is maintained by a caretaker who is employed by Pembrokeshire County Council.

"Outside these hours it’s used by the local football team for training sessions.

But during school holidays, children continue to sneak in to the multi-use games area to play.

Western Telegraph: No access is permitted to Neyland MUGA during school holidaysNo access is permitted to Neyland MUGA during school holidays

Meanwhile the town council is urging anyone who wishes to use the MUGA to contact the town clerk via email on