All drivers across the UK are facing increasing fuel costs and Pembrokeshire’s taxi drivers are no exception, with a call for fare rises put to the local authority.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s licensing committee will consider a Hackney Carriage fare review at a meeting next week, with the views of drivers and taxi operators already canvassed in a trade consultation.

A report to licensing committee on Tuesday, August 9 states: “Due to the significant increase in running costs for businesses and as fuel prices were rising rapidly, the Licensing Team received several requests from Hackney Carriage Proprietors and Licensed Drivers to amend the Maximum Table of Fares set by this Authority and submitted a proposed Maximum Table of Fares to the Licensing Team.”

Increases across all rates are suggested and daytime rates to end at 6pm and weekend rates to start at 6pm, instead of 10pm, along with a rise in waiting time charges to 42p a minute, while other charges such as booking fees, pets and fouling of vehicle to remain the same.

The cheapest journeys could rise to £4 for the first mile and £34 for a ten mile trip, while the most expensive rates could start at £8 up to £63.80, depending on what rate journey is being taken.

Some of the comments included in the consultation report indicate the need for fare increases such as “some taxi trips are costing me money with price of fuel,” “taxi fares need to go up as the cost of living has.

Drivers need to be paid a decent amount,” “some of us have nice vehicles and actually want to make a living from our jobs,” and “the increase in fuel prices are crippling the taxi trade.” While others urged caution to avoid pricing taxi use “out of the market.”