Unless you ring 101, there’s no crime in Neyland.

This was the message relayed to residents this when town councillors received a letter of complaint from residents of Gothic Road.

The letter informed councillors that mini-motorbikes ad E-scooters are being driven at high speed along the pavements and road, causing the residents to fear for their personal safety.

“They’re showing no regard nor respect for the people who live here and we’re in fear that there’s an accident out there waiting to happen,” one of the fearful residents told the Western Telegraph.

“They race along with nothing on their head and there are times when there are only inches between each vehicle.

"We’ve even seen young children riding pillion on the back of the bikes despite the fact that they’re travelling so fast.”

The bikes congregate in the lane behind Gothic Road, which lies adjacent to Harbour Close.

“What makes the problem even more worrying is that a lot of elderly people live along Gothic Road who can't move very quickly, and then of course their grandchildren regularly come to visit. It’s high time that something was done to stop this behaviour.”

Meanwhile Neyland Town Council has agreed to take the matter up with local police officers.

“It’s an absolute disgrace,” commented Cllr Peter Hay.

“There are 20mph speed limit signs all along that part of town but they’re obviously being ignored.”

Meanwhile Cllr Mike Harry is urging residents to take immediate action.

“We should be encouraging everyone to dial 101 or report the matter online,” he said. “And the more complaints they receive, the more likelihood there’ll be of action being taken.

“If you don’t report it, there’s no crime in Neyland. “