Television ecologist Iolo Williams led around 75 walkers to a new bridge over the river Gwaun today.

The bridge was the culmination of a fruitful collaboration between community group Llais Llanychaer and the National Park.

The community chose the design of the bridge and applied for planning permission. They secured funding from the Welsh Assembly's active lifestyle fund and employed a local builder to put in the parapets and the bridge's cross members.

Last October 33 members of the Llanychaer community got together to erect the rest of the bridge, a task the then chairman of Llais Llanychaer, Julian Fry, described as a bit like using a giant Meccano set.

With soup and sustenance provided by an on site kitchen the group built the bridge in six hours.

"This project really brought the community together," said Mr Fry. "People started to work in partnership, new friendships were developed and maybe old disputes have been resolved. It's helped bring people together and promote community spirit."

Iolo Williams was impressed by both the community's effort and the beautiful setting of the bridge.

"I think it is a fantastic achievement," he said. "With this bridge now it means that you can go up the fantastic valley here, cross over and head back down into the village. This is an invaluable addition."