A film portraying the horrific abduction and murder of a young girl has been branded "child manipulation" by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park members.

The video, produced by children from the Skrinkle estate in Manorbier, was a desperate attempt to save a play area from development.

But it was labelled more like "a Crimewatch reconstruction" after being shown to a meeting of the national park's development management committee last week.

The film attracted serious criticism after it showed a child being dragged off a pavement in broad daylight and bundled into the boot of a car.

The abduction' takes place while other screaming children look on.

The film ended with the haunting image of a child's hand poking out of a blood-soaked blanket.

Cllr Tony Brinsden said: "My comment is more in sadness than in anger.

"I was very unhappy with the later half of the video. It belonged more to a Crimewatch reconstruction than a planning application.

"I find it reprehensible and disgusting that adults manipulate children to put things like this forward."

Cllr Michael Williams added: "The video was excellent until the last few minutes, which were utterly uncalled for."

"It's got a bit emotive," added Cllr Robin Evans.

Shortly after watching the video members voted to allow the development.

A total of 101 letters of objection had been sent to the national park, and more than 70 people signed a petition against the proposal.

The Skrinkle community gained the support of MP Nick Ainger, who wrote to the authority with his objections.

But park members described themselves as being caught between a rock and a hard place, as they weighed up the issue of the need for affordable housing with the need for open play areas.

Richard Howells said: "We owe it to these children to maintain the ambience of that estate. It's not fair to try to build in every nook and cranny."

The application was approved by a vote of nine to five.