A man who had his ear bitten off during a horrific unprovoked attack says he is haunted by nightmares and now faces extensive reconstructive surgery.

Carl Thorpe says he was taken completely by surprise when he was lunged at, punched 20 times in the face, kneed, and had his entire ear bitten clean off by his attacker, who he had considered a friend.

The Liverpool fan from Pembroke Dock was attacked after drinking with Robert Raymond John and another man while watching a violent DVD in his flat on April 10th.

Mr Thorpe's ear, complete with ear ring, was then hidden in ivy growing on a wall.

He was then locked, bleeding badly, in his flat without his mobile phone, and passers-by heard him shouting for help from his window.

Mr Thorpe said: "At the time I didn't realise that my ear had gone, until I saw the blood spurting up the walls, all over the window, and all over the carpet. It was everywhere."

By the time John told officers where he had put the ear it was too late for doctors to sew it back on.

Mr Thorpe said: "The nightmares are terrible. Every time I think about it I can place their faces. I will probably have nightmares for a long time."

"We were friends and he just turned on me for no reason."

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