Hopes are fading for Boba, the adorable little budgie that flew out of a window onto Park Street, Pembroke Dock last Thursday morning.

Despite a massive response from townspeople to locate the vulnerable little bird - and despite numerous sightings of him in the vicinity around the Park Street Cemetery - his owner is now fearing the worst.

“We held out hope and really thought that luck was on our side,” said his owner, Molly Annett.

“But despite the sightings, I’m sad to say that we don’t think he’ll be coming home.”

Boba’s escape prompted immediate concerns from Molly, as she knew that his flying wasn’t particularly strong, and neither was he confident around people.

But a few days later, as she was driving down Waterloo Road towards the KFC roundabout, she felt sure she had seen Boba flying directly in front of her car.

“I genuinely believed that after three days missing, he was still alive," she said.

“I jumped out to get him as he was being chased by a crow, but he flew up into the safety of a tree in front of a stretch of houses and unfortunately he rested there for 20 minutes before finding the energy to hop again further into the tree.

"And this was when we lost sight of him.”

Molly knew that Boba would, by now, be exhausted after battling the elements and trying to keep himself safe from predators.

She spent the next two hours searching the fields behind the cemetery and the Aldi supermarket and along the street at Waterloo Road, shaking his little play bells and tapping his cage in the hope that he would return.

Despite her attempts, there were no further sightings of him.

Later that week, Molly learned that the budgie she had spotted in front of her car was another that had escaped from a property on Waterloo Road.

“They looked almost identical, except for the cere which is located near to the beak,” she explained.

“Boba’s is blue as he’s a boy, but this other little budgie was a girl.

“Sadly we’ve had no further updates so can only presume the worst, due to how bad his flying was. We’ve also learnt that someone heard a budgie screeching the same night he went missing, and this breaks my heart.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for the love and support they’ve shown during this last week, for the people who’ve shared my posts on social media and the numerous people who’ve gone on walks to help look for him.

“The care that’s been shown has really given us faith in this community, as this is what we need in life…support in the hardest moments from such kind-hearted people.”