A letter from Clare Delpech

Dear Editor

I was very interested to read the article in your paper entitled ‘Having a whale of a time!’. This reported the sighting of a humpback whale off Tenby around the 25th May.

On Wednesday 31st May several family members gathered at the Cemetery in Tenby for the interment of the ashes of Sir Robert ‘Bob’ Delpech.

Whilst he was serving as Seychelles High Commissioner (1980 to 1989) Bob Delpech was a member of the International Whaling Commission. Bob worked tirelessly to help establish the Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

How lovely to imagine that a whale, of a species that needed conserving, showed up in the Tenby area to pay the respects of his species when Bob Delpech was being laid to rest.

Yours sincerely

Clare Delpech