Would you like to know more about food partnerships and/or be involved in the Pembrokeshire Food Network?

PLANED, PAVS and Pembrokeshire County Council are working together to develop a dedicated Local Food Partnership for Pembrokeshire.

The objectives are to build resilience into local food networks through greater coordination of food related activities, creating a more sustainable local system and aiming to tackle the root causes of food poverty.

Partners have secured funding from the Ministry of Social Justice, via Wales Local Government Association and Food Sense Wales to develop a county-wide local food partnership. This funding supports joint working between local authorities and community partners, to develop cross-sector food partnerships and strengthen existing food partnerships in the region.

Upcoming events include a chance to meet suppliers of the fresh food vending machines at Llanteg on September 22, networking events for growers, the Pembrokeshire Food Network Breakfast on October 31 and much more….

The partnership is also excited to launch a specialised Food Development Fund with opportunities for grants ranging from £1,000 to £3,000.

If you would like to know more, join the mailing list and/or become part of the Pembrokeshire Food Network get in touch at wcfd@planed.org.uk or call 01834 860965.