A COMPANY is planning to extract water from an area in Pembrokeshire.

A&C Aggregates Limited has applied to Natural Resources Wales for a licence to abstract water from an underground strata around the Carew area.

The water would be extracted from the boundary within the grid references SN 04872 04421, SN 04896 04473, SN 04904 04469, SN 04891 04414, SN 04958 04370, SN 05031 04413, SN 05060 04271, SN 04853 03964, SN 04792 03876, SN 04580 03943, SN 04581 04034, SN 04531 04157, SN 04480 04215, SN 04527 04409, SN 04670 04326, SN 04728 04369 and SN 04790 04411.

The water would be transferred to an underground strata at SN 04595 04048 for the purpose of transferring it between the sources of supply without intervening use.

The licence would allow for 1,000 cubic metres per hour, 10,000 cubic metres per day and 3,650,000 cubic metres per year to be extracted, all year round.

The application can be seen at www.publicregister.naturalresources.wales and by searching for the application.

A copy of the application can be requested or to make a comment on the application, the name of the applicant and the reference PAN-022378 to Natural Resources Wales, Permitting Service, Cambria House, 29 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0TP or by emailing permittingconsultations@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk by November 1.