Over 200 protestors marched through Haverfordwest on Armistice Day demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The Pembrokeshire pro-Palestinian rally gathered in Castle Square at 2pm on Saturday, November 11, before marching through the town centre to Stephen Crabb’s office in Upper Market Street.

There they left a selection of soft toys, children’s shoes and baby grows representing the 4,000 children who have already been killed in the massacre.

Western Telegraph:

Western Telegraph:

“Stephen Crabb, you have blood on your hands,” said key protestor Jim Scott as he addressed the crowds in Castle Square.

“You have no morals and no fibre.

“Please, dig deep into your soul if you have one, and find a tiny piece of compassion for the children who are being murdered in Gaza right now.”

The protestors also urged Israel to lift the siege that has deprived the people of Gaza of their essential resources such as medical supplies, food, electricity and water.

Stephen Crabb was singled out by protestors as a result of his role as Parliamentary Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

This is a pressure or lobby group dedicated to strengthening business, cultural and political ties between the United Kingdom and Israel, with 80 per cent of its membership made up of Conservative MPs. In 2013 The Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator, Peter Osborne, called it ‘by far Britain’s most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group’.

In a Westminster Hall debate marking the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in 2017, Mr Crabb said; “Israel’s achievements speak for themselves.

“It has one of the world’s most diverse societies and economic successes and commitment to the same value we hold so dear make it a close and vital ally.”

Mr Crabb’s stance has caused vitriol amongst the protestors who gathered outside his office on Saturday.

“There is no better time to plead for peace than today, Armistice Day,” said Patrick Connellan. “76 per cent of the people of Britain are in favour of a ceasefire and yet our government is continuing to disregard us.

“We call on our local MP Stephen Crabb to see sense and stop backing the apartheid state of Israel as nothing can justify the collective punishment of a people.”

Western Telegraph: