Dear Editor,
Laudable as is Mayor Gill Owen’s call for free car parking in Haverfordwest for Remembrance Sunday, why not show a little ambition and get the Town Council behind a call to scrap car parking charges in Haverfordwest completely?

As a resident in the town, its abundantly clear to me that car parking charges are bad for traders in a town centre that is dying on its feet.

While the Supersheds up on Withybush rake in the cash (where parking is free), small independent traders – who should be the mainstay of Haverfordwest – drop like flies. Empty shops are a blight on our High Street.

So as a supposedly independent body that should be committed to furthering the interests of the town, the Town Council is ideally placed to make such a push. So I ask our Mayor the question – whose side is Haverfordwest Town Council on, the Big Guys or the Little Guys?

Yours Sincerely,

Jim Dunckley,