TWO sisters are hoping to inspire people’s love of the home after opening a new interior décor store in Tenby.

Ruth Goldwait and her sister Rebecca Phillips opened Loth & Co on Lower Frog Street last month.

The business was founded by Ruth three years ago when she and her husband were living in America.

But, having run businesses in Tenby for around 30 years, they decided to return home after almost a decade in the United States, and Loth & Co opened its first physical store in Frogmore House.

Western Telegraph: Loth & Co has opened on Lower Frog Street.Loth & Co has opened on Lower Frog Street. (Image: Lloyd Grayson (Media to Motion))

“We’re very glad to be back,” Ruth said.

“The first month has gone very well. We’ve had fantastic feedback.

“The American site was just online, so it didn’t have the customer interaction. Having a brick-and-mortar store, we have that interaction now and we’re enjoying that very much.”

The store offers a carefully crafted range of items to bring life to any room in the house – be it cushions and vases for the living room, placemats and table decorations for the dining room, bathroom products and candles, or even items for a nursery.

Western Telegraph: Loth & Co offer customers a range of hand selected home décor pieces.Loth & Co offer customers a range of hand selected home décor pieces. (Image: Lloyd Grayson (Media to Motion))

“All of the retailers in Tenby do such a great job. We wanted to add to that,” Ruth said.

“We try to give it a sophisticated edge at affordable prices, with very different kinds of designs.

“We’re trying different suppliers all the time to keep it fresh. It helps with that uniqueness.

“We’ve got to give our customers a reason to come and find us, so we’re trying to offer something different.”

Western Telegraph: Inside the new Loth & Co store in Tenby.Inside the new Loth & Co store in Tenby. (Image: Lloyd Grayson (Media to Motion))

As part of this, Ruth said that Loth & Co looks to provide customers with sustainable, locally sourced products.

“We focused on that as much as we can,” she said.

The store also features an eco-range, with products made from recycled glass, bamboo, and natural wool.

The shop is open seven days a week at Frogmore House, and more information can be found at .