A trio of tiny lemurs made an appearance at Pembrokeshire's Folly Farm this week, as the farm successfully produced its second litter of the endangered species.

The triplet black and white ruffed lemurs were born to proud mum, resident lemur Kirindy. This is the second time she has given birth to triplets.

The farm now hosts five adult black and white ruffed lemurs as well as the new arrivals.

The black and white ruffed lemur, native to Eastern Madagascar, is classified as an endangered species. It is estimated that there are between just 1,000 – 10,000 of these primates in the wild and this figure is declining further due to the main threats of destruction of its habitat and hunting.

They are bred in captivity as part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme of which Folly Farm is an active member.

“It’s great news for Folly Farm to have another successful breeding of this endangered species but even better news when you times it by three!" said Tim Morphew, Folly Farm’s Zoo Manager.

"This is Kirindy’s second set of triplets, the first (Harry, Ron and Neville) were born in 2004 and she is coping marvellously with her new offspring.”