A section of Haverfordwest's Keats Grove has been cordoned off this morning (Monday) after contractors working on a bungalow in the area found what appears to be an unexploded bomb.

Police and the fire service were called to the scene and neighbours told to keep indoors.

Fencers working in the garden of 32 Keats Grove were digging holes near to the hedgebank of the property.

"We quite often find bits of metal and stuff in the hedges," said fencer David Mason. "So we gave it a poke with another bar pulled it out and realised it was a bomb."

The bomb is reported to be an old bomb around 12 inches long with a detonator on the front and fins on the back.

The fencers pulled it out of the ground and deposited it safely in the back of the garden before calling the police.

"In 25 years I've never found a bomb before," said Mr Mason. I've been digging holes for that length of time and we've never found any bombs."

It is thought that the bomb could be from a World War Two bombing attack on City Road and the old County Hospital.

The fencers had only started work at the property this morning and had dug around three holes when the missile was discovered. The owner of the property was not at home.

It is believed that the bomb squad are currently on their way to Haverfordwest from Hereford.

The Western Telegraph has contacted Dyfed-Powys Police and is currently waiting or this to be confirmed.