Royal recognition of Rosie Swale Pope's round-the-world adventures has been given by the Queen.

Her Majesty has presented the 62-year-old grandmother with the MBE she was awarded in the New Year's Honours List - and was clearly clued-up on Rosie's epic five-year global trek and the travels and voyages of her lifetime.

"The Queen spent quite a long time talking to me, and she was very well-informed," said Rosie, who cast off her usual running gear in favour of a borrowed outfit, including hat, for the occasion.

Rosie shared her medal with friends and well-wishers in Tenby on Friday, and added: "I would love to have taken everyone in Tenby with me to Buckingham Palace to show how lucky and grateful I am to have the support of this wonderful town, especially the mayor, Sue Lane and my friend Ann Rowell.

"It was a big sacrifice being away for such a long time, and I can honestly say that that wherever I went in the world, I have never seen a place so beautiful as Tenby."

Rosie has now completed the book about her latest travels, entitled 'Just a Little Run Around the World', which is being published on May 28th.

She will be taking to the road ahead of that date to run from Tenby to London and back, towing her faithful cart Hercules, to promote the book and raise funds for research into prostate cancer.

Increasing awareness into the disease which claimed the life of her husband, Clive, was one of the reasons behind Rosie's round-the-world run, and she has welcomed the latest calls for every man over 50 to be tested.

"It is totally unforgiveable that men are not automatically screened," she said. "If my journey around the world helps to save one life, then it will be worthwhile."