A controversial Newport house has escaped demolition, following a heated debate at today’s National Park meeting (Wednesday).

Bettws Newydd was granted retrospective planning approval by the Authority’s Development Management Committee this afternoon, after a lengthy discussion and appeals from a number of local residents to reject the application.

Cllr Robin Evans made the shock announcement that he was considering resigning from the National Park.

He stated the building should not have been approved in the first place, and described it as a “modern day carbuncle”.

He said: “I’m mortified by this. We have done a great disservice to the people of Newport.”

Planning permission was granted for the house in 2006, but the development deviated from the original plans and a fresh application was submitted this year.

A petition containing nearly 500 signatures was handed into the Authority at the meeting, and ten objectors voiced their concerns to the committee.

Planning officers stated that the applicant had the “fallback” option of the original planning approval, and the changes were “relatively minor”.

The application was approved by a vote of ten to six, subject to landscaping conditions and thorough monitoring of the development.