As plans gather pace for the filming of two Hollywood blockbusters at Freshwater West beach, local have raised concerns about access to the beauty spot.

While Spike Davies, Head of Location Support for the Freshwater West site, has confirmed that the beach will not be closed during filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pembrokeshire County Council has announced its intentions to implement temporary road closures during the next two months.

A spokesman said: "Following consultation with film company location managers, and with the consent of the Welsh Assembly Government, the county council intends to implement a road traffic order to facilitate filming.

"This will temporarily prohibit cars from a section of the B4319 at Freshwater West."

The order covers the periods between May 11th-15th and June 15th-30th, when filming for the seventh and final Harry Potter film and Ridley Scott's Robin Hood remake- to be called "Robin Hood" or "Nottingham"- is due to take place.

However, the council is assuring beach users that the road closures will only take place when needed by the film crews - and will not affect pedestrians, emergency vehicles or residents.

Councillor Rob Lewis, Cabinet Member for Cultural Services and Tourism, apologised for any inconvenience the closures would cause but said the benefits of filming would outweigh any temporary disruption. "The decision to film parts of Harry Potter and Robin Hood in our county this summer is a fantastic development, which will bring benefits to our economy and the tourist industry," he said.

"Such high profile films with big stars bring with them huge film crews which can considerably boost an area's economy. It will particularly help many small businesses, which need all the help they can get in these difficult times.

"In addition, the films will also raise the profile of Pembrokeshire and highlight the natural beauty of our county, along with its wealth of historical treasures, to the wider world."

A facebook group set up by local resident Sara Alderman to unite beach users in the quest for better community consultation attracted over 700 members.

Concerns about lack of communication and the possibility of being banned from using the popular beach were laid to rest when Spike Davies joined the group.

He stated that the beach would not be closed for the filming of Harry Potter and added that there will be a maximum of 200 crew, daily litter picks and regular inspections by the CCW ranger and a National Park ranger.

He also told group members that they would be "letter dropping the local community" to outline their actions.

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, which leases the foreshore at Freshwater West from the Crown Estate, said that the beach and the coast path will remain open to the public throughout the June filming period.

"We are working with Pembrokeshire County Council, the National Trust and the Angle Estate to accommodate the shooting of scenes for a Robin Hood film at Freshwater West between June 15th and June 30th," said a spokesman.

“We recognise that the filming will inevitably cause some disruption in the area as well as great public interest.

"We are working with the film company and all the other organisations involved to ensure that the public’s right of access to the path and the beach are respected during this time."