Entries for the poultry exhibition on Tuesday were an out and out record in the show’s 28 year history.

Across the board the entries were up, from hard-feather and softfeather chickens, both large and bantam, to ducks, turkeys and eggs.

When it came to Wednesday and Thursday, it was all change as the majority of Tuesday’s exhibits made way for the Pembrokeshire poultry popularity poll, poultry arts and crafts and the popular poultry sale.

The popularity poll, designed to be a more light-hearted event, saw novices trying their hand at judging. Then members of the public voted for their favourites on championship row.

The chicken or turkey elected as champion, receiving 155 votes, was Rambo, a salmon Faverolles male exhibited by the Dalling brothers. In second place was Rooster Coburn, a white silkie owned by Ray Evans, which received 113 votes. Derek Howells’ Morgan, a Welsummer, came third with 106 votes.

Meanwhile, in waterfowl there was a runaway victory for a Saxony male called Derek, exhibited by Mark Roberts, which received a commanding 287 votes. Runner-up was Peerie, a white call duck male, entered by Eileen Williamson, which received 102 votes. Jen Maskell’s 2009 bred magpie call duck named Scud, came third with 97 votes.

Champion exhibit in the poultry arts and crafts was Angharad Clarke’s six eggs incorporated into a novel display.