Developers responsible for a house branded an ‘eyesore’ by angry residents are to be asked to offer solutions to remedy the situation.

Bettws Newydd, a large replacement property on the Parrog, Newport, has been at the centre of controversy for several months.

Members of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park’s development management committee discussed enforcement action at last Wednesday’s meeting.

The house was granted planning permission in June 2006, but was built bigger than the approved plans. Retrospective approval was refused this summer, and the authority is considering what action should be taken.

The owner still has until January to appeal against the decision, but could be made to demolish the building.

Officers recommended approaching the owner, and asking him to suggest ways the building could be brought in line with the approved plans.

Several e-mails have been sent to the national park in support of enforcement action.

Speaking at Wednesday’s meeting, the planning officer said: “Enforcement should remedy the breach rather than punish the developer.

“Best practice is to go to the developer and discuss it; say we do not think we can do anything but demolish the building, and ask him to offer a solution.

“We will give the applicant a short period of time to come back to us; one month.”

If a solution cannot be agreed, an enforcement notice will be issued to remove the building, hardstanding and driveway, and restore the land.

Cllr John Allen-Mirehouse said: “Before I came here this morning and saw the photographs I thought we may have over-reacted, but now I have seen the pictures I’m convinced.”

Richard Howells added: “The officer’s recommendation is a sensible way forward. The time element means it cannot drag on indefinitely, and we can take one hurdle at a time.”

Members voted to accept the officer’s recommendation.