A pensioner from Pembroke has spoken of her turmoil after burglars stole her pet chihuahua, Dinkie, from her home as she slept.

Pam Burns, of Bramble Hall Farm, lost many other valuables as a result of the break-in, including a large quad bike, her wedding ring and engagement ring, two sets of car keys, cash and perfume.

However, the grandmother insists that the loss of her furry friend is by far the most agonising.

“I’m just shattered about it,” she said. “I’m all to pieces — I just want to know he’s okay.

“It’s like they knew Dinkie was my baby.”

While the police have made one arrest in connection with the burglary, which occurred some time overnight on Saturday, October 17th, Mrs Burns says she will offer a reward for the safe return of Dinkie.

The black, white and tan smooth-haired chihuahua — only six to seven inches tall — is a valuable pedigree stud.

Chihuahuas, miniature dachshunds and Jack Russells are bred on the farm and kept in kennels outside, but Dinkie is a dear companion to Mrs Burns, who struggles with arthritis.

“I keep him in the house with me,” she said.

“I can’t understand how they got in here and took him while I was upstairs.

“Not knowing where he is or how they are treating him is killing me. I’m worried sick,” she added.

Also anxious to find Dinkie are Mrs Burns’ granddaughters Chloe and Jasmine, who are planning to distribute posters.

A large silver Yamaha quad bike, which had been intended as a gift to the girls, was snatched from the garage during the burglary, and Mrs Burns believes the burglars must have had a van of some sort to escape unnoticed on Bush Hill.

“No one has reported seeing a quad bike on the road that night,” she added.

Mrs Burns is appealing for anyone who knows the whereabouts of her beloved pet to contact her on 01646 685540 or Pembroke Dock police on 101.