Villagers in St Nicholas had a rude awakening yesterday (Monday) morning as the village was engulfed with with floodwater running off the surrounding fields.

Fire fighters were called to the village at 5.32 am. They helped pump water out of Spring Cottage and out of a nearby garage.

Video taken by Gaynor McMorrin

The force of the water was reported to be so strong that it lifted heavy window lintels in one house, local residents said that it was above welly height.

Villagers were prepared for the flooding this time, after being taken by surprise by floods in January after this year's Hen Galan celebrations.

Yesterday they had sandbags in place, both inside and outside properties, and there was little flood damage reported. One resident managed to make a temporary dam and divert the flow of water from her house and onto the road.

"The water was coming down like a river," said Gaynor McMorrin, who has lived in the village for 33 years.

"I was quite amazed by it, watching it all go down the road. People don't realise how strong water is.

"The village is prone to flooding but I've never seen two bad floods in a year before."