Pembrokeshire's anti badger cull protesters found a way to spread their message during Saturday's Tree O' Clock world record attempt.

Pembrokeshire Against The Cull's 18 volunteers planted 800 native trees at a site in Felindre Farchog, racing against time to create more broad-leaved woodland, for wildlife and future generations alike.

PAC spokesperson, Dr Adrian Stallwood, said : “This planting today is constructive defence of our environment, the wildlife in residence, and those who will come after us.

"Wild habitats are the bedrock of ecosystems, and the badger is our largest mammalian carnivore. Its wholesale extermination in north Pembrokeshire is going to completely upset the natural balance of the area.

“The badger in very recent historical times was hounded to near extinction, and its speciall protection is there for good reason," he added.

"Most people in the countryside are delighted that its numbers have recovered from those dark days.

"However, we will soon find that the only authentic wildlife habitats – our insurance against environmental collapse - are those protected from the ravages of intensive farming” added Dr Stallwood.

For more information contact PAC on 07827 586033,