The B4329 from New Inn to Brynberian is now open. The road is the only major road to have been closed due to the bad weather.

The B4329 was closed on Tuesday when high winds blowing snow off the Preselis caused huge drifts.

Despite efforts by Pembrokeshire County Council maintenance crews it has been closed all week.

The road this morning was described as being "like a river" after melt and heavy rain created flooding.

Maintenance workers diverted the flood water away from the main road and the road is now open.

Drivers are advised to proceed with care due to surface water on the road.

There are still a couple of issues on back roads around the Puncheston area, which are currently being addressed.

All roads are reasonably open with potential localised issues in the North on minor roads.

However the advice is to drive with care because of the slush and water on the road.